Moving Forward With Simultaneous Study: Learning New Material While Reviewing “Old” Material

One common mistake I hear from bar studiers is that they did not move on to a new subject because they didn’t feel confident with the one they just studied. For example, Monday and Tuesday, the student learned civil procedure, and on Wednesday they are to start evidence, but they don’t move on because they […]

If You Can’t Get It Out, Write It Out: Handwriting When Memorizing For The Bar Exam

The bar exam is intimidating because of the vast amount of law you have to memorize. A lot of students struggle with finding the memorization approach that works best for them. Although there are many memorization techniques, this specific post focuses on the art of handwriting. If you haven’t tried handwriting notes or rules as […]

Increase Your Practice, Increase Your Performance

We are getting to that point during bar study where your practice should be increasing. Right now, we are in week 5 of bar prep, and are approaching the mid-way point. It’s time to get your practice and stamina up. Here’s what you should be incorporating into your study schedules beginning immediately or next week […]

It’s Time To Close The Books: Begin Practicing Essays Closed Book

Practicing essays closed books is likely one of the scarier things you could be thinking about right now. Our outlines and our books are like security blankets when we are practicing essays. “I’ll just look up this one thing” is a common thought that runs through our heads. But – this is a critical week […]

Don’t Say You’ll Do It Later: Overcoming Procrastination During Bar Exam Study

When things get hard, we begin to procrastinate. That makes sense, right? The work piles up, so what do we do – avoid it. Logically, this doesn’t make sense. But, we are humans, and we are all guilty of it, and we just aren’t always logical all of the time. Let’s talk about what to […]

MBE Traps: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Studying for the MBE

You’re getting to a place in your study where the amount of MBE questions you do is increasing, and the amount will only increase from here. So, let’s get in the right mindset about the MBE, and avoid common mistakes students make. Don’t wait to practice MBE questions until you feel like you have everything […]