Crunched For Time On The MBE?: Ways To Work On Timing To Improve Your MBE Performance

Many of us feel crunched for time on the MBE. One minute, you’re looking at the clock and have two hours left, and the next minute, you’re down to 10 minutes. Time flies when you’re having a great time taking multiple choice questions for the bar exam. If time is something your struggle with, July is the perfect month to work on your timing. You have more time for additional practice, and more time to work on your pace. This post discusses three ways in which you can work on your MBE timing and performance.

  1. Pace yourself looking at the clock. For every 10 questions, you should be at the 18 minute mark. Work on some question sets and pace yourself this way. Once you get within the 10 question/18 minute spot comfortably, increase this. Move to 20 questions in 36 minutes. If you find yourself at question 15 and you only have 5 minutes left, it’s time to move the pace. Working on pacing yourself with time helps students significantly with their timing issues on the bar exam.
  2. Increase your MBE practice. The more you practice these questions in a timed setting, the more you will get comfortable with them and be okay with time. Increase the amount of MBE practice you do in a day so you can get your timing down. Make it a goal to do 50 MBE questions per day to conquer your timing issue.
  3. Practice simulated exams. Many students don’t realize they have a timing issue until they do larger question sets of 50 or 100. If this is the case, it’s time to increase the number of large question sets you do. Schedule the time in your study period to tackle sets of 50 or 100 questions. The more you do, the better your stamina will be, and the better you will be with time.

Although all of these strategies take time, remember that it’s important to spend some time doing what you need to do to conquer this exam. Work on your weaknesses and work on your individual goals.

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