Confidence is Key: Getting Mentally Ready for Exam Day

In times of high stress, it's easy to think about our flaws or what we struggle with. We often even tell ourselves we aren't good enough when self-doubt takes over. You've maybe never taken such a high-stakes exam that tested your insecurities. If you've had these moments throughout your bar study and these thoughts sometimes [...]

MEE Panic: What To Do When You Don’t Know What It’s Testing

As the exam approaches, a lot of students get increasingly nervous about the MEE. Why? You have to recall a bunch of rules and you feel like you couldn't possibly know them all. Students fear that moment when they read an essay and they draw a blank and don't know the rules it is testing. [...]

Some Motivational Quotes to Pull You Through The End Of The Week

When you're going through bar preparation, sometimes you need pick-me-ups. Sometimes that's ice cream, but other times you just need some motivation and inspiration. This blog is a bit of a pit stop for those who need some motivational quotes to get them through the rest of the week! "Decide what to be and go [...]

Let’s Get It Out Of The Way: Preparing For Bar Exam Day

As if your to-do lists aren't long enough - I'm about to suggest adding some items to it. Although the exam is still weeks away, it's helpful to prepare for exam day early so you aren't adding additional stress for yourself close to the exam (you'll be stressed enough about how close the exam is). [...]

The Final Weeks of Bar Prep: How To Best Handle The Time You Have Left

Students begin to feel increased stress in these final weeks of bar prep. What are some of these common stressful feelings? "I don't know enough.""I don't have enough time.""I have so much to do and not enough time to do it.""I can't increase my scores in the amount of time I have left." If you've [...]