MBE Recap: Final Week Strategies

With the bar exam less than two weeks away, this is a critical time to work on increasing your MBE score. This post focuses on a list of things you should be doing and how you should be studying for the MBE in your final week of bar prep.

  1. Note your weak areas and your strong areas on the MBE. You definitely want to spend some time working on your weak areas in your final week of prep, while also not neglecting your strong areas. Focused sets on your weak areas, while incorporating mixed practice sets of all subjects, will help you incorporate the right balance in your final study.
  2. Be comfortable and confident in the most heavily tested topics on the MBE. The most heavily tested areas make up about 80-85 questions on the MBE. If you can get these down, then you will be in a good place. What are these areas you want to know? –> (1) Negligence; (2) Strict Liability; (3) Mortgages; (4) Individual Rights; (5) Homicide; (6) Fourth Amendment; (7) Contract Formation; (8) Jurisdiction and Venue; (9) Pre-Trial Procedures and Motions; (10) Hearsay, Relevancy/Character, and Impeachment
  3. Practice and review MBE questions every day. If you are scoring at target rates, you still want to practice MBE questions every day. Doing 50 MBE questions per day in the final week will keep your momentum going. If you’re hitting below target scores, increase this practice. Complete 100 MBE questions per day. You’re likely not hitting targets because you have to increase your questions and practice. You do not have to do 100 questions in one sitting, but instead do questions in sets or at the pace you need to.

These three tips are critical in your final week. Set a goal for yourself – that you’re going to aim to hit ac certain percentage that week before the bar exam. Work hard to achieve it. If you don’t achieve it, it does not mean you are going to fail the exam. Giving yourself something to aim for allows you to work harder and learn a lot from it. Let’s get those MBE scores up in this final week!

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