What Do I Do Now?: Waiting for Bar Exam Results

Waiting for bar exam results is excruciating. Some may say it’s even worse than studying for the exam itself. However, it’s completely out of your hands, and there’s nothing you can do now to change the outcome, so all you can do is wait.

But – what can you be doing while you wait? Here are some tips to deal with post-bar waiting game anxiety and stress!

  • Think about it as if you passed. Any time you find yourself thinking, “what if I failed?” – immediately dismiss that thought from your mind. Instead, think about the experience as if you are going to pass. Thinking negatively is only hurting yourself.
  • Look at yourself objectively. Be honest with yourself. Did you study? Did you do the work you were supposed to do? Were you performing okay during prep? Remind yourself of these things. Sometimes it’s helpful to calm some negativity when you take an objective look at what you’ve done.
  • Take some time to relax. Seriously. You worked every day and so hard the past couple of months. You deserve this break. No matter what news you get, you need the rest now, because you’ll either be working or studying again. You not only deserve this break but you need this break. Take it.
  • Do things you missed while you were studying for the bar. It’s helpful to do things that distract you to take your mind off of the bar exam. There’s no better distraction then doing some things you missed while you were studying for the exam!

These are just a few tips, but remember that you are more than capable of passing this test, so try to think positive. Waiting is hard, but you’ve already been through so much. Keep your head up, relax, and go through your day-to-day.

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