Crunched For Time On The MBE?: Ways To Work On Timing To Improve Your MBE Performance

Many of us feel crunched for time on the MBE. One minute, you're looking at the clock and have two hours left, and the next minute, you're down to 10 minutes. Time flies when you're having a great time taking multiple choice questions for the bar exam. If time is something your struggle with, July [...]

Keeping Your Sanity and Strength In July: Mentally Preparing For The Bar Exam

Bar exam study is stressful, but when you enter bar exam month, the stress level definitely increases. You may find your stress level beginning to rise as the days move on this month. Although it doesn't seem like it, there is good news in this: stress is something you can control. Not only is it [...]

Fighting Fear, Assessing Anxiety, and Diminishing Disappointment: Dealing With Bar Prep Emotions

Even though you've been through three years of law school, nothing you faced there quite compares to the type of emotions you feel while studying for the bar exam. Along the way, we've all felt a sense of fear, anxiety, disappointment, and frustration. These feelings are normal. However, you can't let these feelings overcome your [...]

Bar Exam Burnout: Ways To Find Balance During Bar Preparation

We are officially at the half-way mark during bar prep, and the pressure is likely building. With the feelings of increased pressure, stress, and anxiety comes this feeling of needed to study more. At times, this can cause many students to burn out. This post discusses ways to handle the emotional rollercoaster that is bar [...]

Learning From Sample Answers: Strengthening Your MEE Skills

The MEE can be frustrating, especially in the first half of bar preparation, because you are learning a lot of law and are moving at a fast pace, all while trying to memorize to feel comfortable writing essays. However, as I've said before, even if you feel like you don't have anything memorized and like [...]

“I’m Studying But I Don’t Feel Like I am”: How To Understand This Common Feeling

I think we have all been here and can relate - we have been studying for over one month and we have days where we feel like nothing is sinking in and like we don't know any law. What's up with this? First, know that just because this is a feeling, doesn't mean it has [...]

Keep Your Focus & Motivation: Maximizing Your Bar Study Time

When I was studying for the bar exam, at times I found myself off the tracks I was supposed to be on. Studying was frustrating, monotonous, and isolating. Students tend to feel this way as they approach the half-way point. There will be bumps along the way: low scoring practice tests, a difficult MPT, or [...]

What Do I Do With My Score?: Reflection After Taking A Large Numbered Question Exam

You're getting to the point in bar prep where you are going to begin testing yourself with higher volumes of questions - 50, 100, 200. These question sets serve a bit of a different purpose than small sets. When you're doing a small set, you're likely working on your subject performance and learning law. Or, [...]