Practice What You Struggle With: Getting Comfortable With What Makes You Uncomfortable

A lot of students put off what they are afraid of. Well, not just students, but people in general do this. Struggle with multiple choice questions? "I'll do some later." Struggle with the performance test? "I don't have 90 minutes to do that right now, I'll do it later." Hate seeing your weird uncle at [...]

Positive Thinking Creates Positive Results: Taking Care Of Your Mind For Bar Success

There's no doubt that being negative causes additional stress. The mind does not think clearly when it is under stress (it's science). When you're studying for the bar exam, it's easy to be negative. However, when you're negative, there's a significant drop in your attention focus and concentration. Why? Because it causes additional stress. What [...]

You’ve Completed Week One of Bar Prep, Now What?

First, congratulations are in order. After coming down from the highs of graduation, realizing you've completed law school, and celebrations with friends and family, you got into study mode and completed week one of bar prep. This is not an easy or small thing. Week one is overwhelming. So, what are the top three things [...]

How Am I Supposed To Know All Of This Material?: Advice and Tips on Memorization for the Bar Exam

When you're studying for the bar exam, you always have one thought that comes in waves: how am I supposed to remember all of this stuff? This post offers students advice on how to remember and memorize a large amount of information in a short period of time that they need for the bar exam. [...]

How To Study With MBE Questions: Active Learning

Many first time bar takers work with MBE questions incorrectly, resulting in ineffective study and stagnant MBE scores. There's one big mistake you SHOULD NOT make: practice MBE questions and then passively read the answers. This post describes how you should be practicing and studying with MBE questions in a way that is effective! First [...]

Making Your Own Bar Exam Outlines: What To Do And What NOT To Do

A lot of students ask whether they should make their own outlines when studying for the bar exam, or whether they should just use the outlines that are already created for them with their commercial bar preparation course. This post discusses both the benefits and drawbacks of making your own outlines, and also discusses the [...]

A Stack Of Bar Exam Books: How To Best Utilize All Of Your Resources

Whether you're using BARBRI, Kaplan, or Themis, you received a heavy package in the mail with a ton of books in it. Looking at all of those books, coupled with your other resources, can be overwhelming. This post discusses how to use each of your commercial bar preparation books and any other study resources you [...]